COURSE INTRODUCTION  [Calm style masterclass Podcast]

Welcome to the ‘Think, Work and Play Like a Futurist’ course!

Think, Work and Play Like a Futurist is our foundation course in trend management. In this course you will be introduced to the futurist mindset and the tools that enable you to anticipate and navigate the future while seizing new opportunities. The principles you learn can be applied on all levels inside an organisation, or you may wish to utilise your newfound futurist skills as an individual.

In three LESSONS:THINK, WORK and PLAY – we explore the methods and tools of Kjaer Global’s trend management system. We will show you how to adapt your thinking to that of an active change-maker. You will learn how to identify the core building blocks of the future – the patterns that allow you to see the big picture and change mechanisms – as well as tuning into the challenges ahead and turning them into opportunities appropriate to your sector.

 Introducing Trend Management

At Kjaer Global we believe that: “The future is not some place you go…you create the future”

However, in order to shape tomorrow, we need to understand the various drivers shaping our future context. Which ones can we influence or take advantage of – and which present a risk to the future developments we would like to see? To gain this understanding, we must have a system in place to help us make sense of the many and sometimes contradictory drivers and shifts that impact on society, business and individuals.

We call this, trend management. This is a method and system we have developed over many decades as a platform for integrated thinking. It allows us to anticipate developments and make more informed choices in the present about the future. Everybody can learn to take advantage of change, and the trend management system provides the right toolkit for understanding trends and navigating the future.

Trend Management is both a method and a mindset

At its simplest, managing trends involves observing specific changes or advances, as well as considering the general direction in which society is moving. But to do this consistently and with confidence, it is essential to have a system and a set of tools that enable us to manage the complexity of diverse information. This system must be robust enough to generate alternative viewpoints, thus inviting fresh thinking to challenge the status quo.

Trend Management is a way of thinking as much as it is a system of tools, models and frameworks. Mastering trend management enables you to stay in control and allows you to distinguish between passing fads and the meaningful shifts that look likely to develop into more influential movements or trends. And when you can do that, you can actively shape the future – so let’s get started.

In our first module THINK, you will learn what it means to have a futurist mindset, how you can cultivate your skills and why it is important to THINK like a futurist. Enjoy your journey into the future.