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Hi, my name is Anne Lise Kjaer and I am the chief futurist and founder of Kjaer Global. I am looking forward to be your guide and co-pilot on this journey into the future


For each step and lesson, we made a video to set the scene and explain a few things. So simply just click the intro video on the top of each page to start your journey – then lean back and listen carefully to get into the mood.

Think, Work and Play Like a Futurist 

Over time, our team and I have co-created the academy in an iterative process with clients. This means that the course has been designed and refined for the optimal learning experience for teams and individuals alike to teach them how to think, work and play like a futurist. It has been an inspiring journey of lesson to be learned, but also an extremely rewarding process

As you can imagine, I feel inspired by the opportunity to share with you over 3 decades of learning and working as a futurist and a visionary. To finally have arrived at this point – where our online academy 2.0 is ready – is exciting.

Originally, we launched the academy in 2014 in beta version to support our projects and workshops with clients, but now it’s launching globally from our online learning platform. That means that what you are about to learn has been tested both outside in and inside out. We, at Kjaer Global, have learned how to teach our trade by doing while receiving feedback in real time learning situations.

If you haven’t done so yet, we would love to know what type of learning style you prefer. To help understand what type of learner you are, please start with a quick Learning Style Test  It will only take a few minutes, but it will help you understand how you get the most out of the course and have the optimal learning experience.

Enjoy your journey into the future!



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