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What is the Kjaer Academy?

  • The Kjaer Academy is an online and live learning platform to help you evolve with ever-changing needs. It is a gateway to resources, networking and targeted strategic learning to anticipate change.
  • This inspirational platform invites you to take ‘time to think’ and learn how to successfully navigate the future and discover new opportunities.
  • The Kjaer Academy offer access to a core team of experienced futurists and a global community of experts, thinkers, influencers, opinion leaders and innovators.

Why not join our Community?

  • To capitalise on opportunities while mitigating risks it is imperative you cultivate a future aware mindset to create a true learning organisation that is informed, connected and pro-active.
  • Kjaer Global has worked with leading global brands for decades ensuring continued success by constantly evolving our methods and tools.
  • Building on our experience we have created a comprehensive trend management toolkit that have inspired and informed some of the world’s most innovative and forward thinking leaders.

Meet the Futurists

Our visionary consultants and collaborators are drawn from multiple disciplines. They research, analyse and strategise to narrate key developments in social sciences, global studies, economics, disruptive technologies, the environment, transportation, urbanism, architecture, design and consumer behaviour.

Capitalising on Change

In a fast-changing landscape of diverse influences and influencers, we monitor contemporary culture – from social media and memes to life hacks and new lifestyle patterns. We explore and assess core society drivers in our mission to make sense of tomorrow’s world.

Evidence Based Learning

To identify core global drivers we draw on our local experts and informants. This ensure deep regional knowledge and real ‘insider’ information to support a constant evolving trend ecosystem. All our knowledge is underpinned by a data-driven and evidence-based research approach.

How we Work

Our projects are led by senior core experts and supported by the Kjaer Global specialist team, both in-house and around the world. Throughout 30 years we have built a dynamic world-wide network and a carefully selected team.

Anne Lise Kjaer
Anne Lise Kjaer at Palestine International Business Forum 2010-10-13.
Founder and futurist

Anne Lise’s career began in Denmark, initially in forecasting for the design industries prior to establishing Kjaer Global in 1988. She lived and worked in Hamburg and Paris before choosing London as her base to evolve Kjaer Global’s practice. A renowned speaker and author, she has delivered talks to over 40,000 people since 1999 and is a frequent trends commentator in the international press. Anne Lise holds the honorary title of Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador, sits on several boards and works with Unicef.

Harald Brekke
Director and arkitekt
Harald worked as an architect in Scandinavia for more than two decades, moving to Kjaer Global in 2008. With a professional expertise in complex and design-led projects, environmental innovation and future planning, he draws on a strategic perspective in his trend management practice. A keen storyteller, explorer and photographer, he guides groups on ‘Urban Walks & Talks’, teaching people how to use the city as a core inspirational source for navigating and understanding the future.
Louise Loecke Foverskov


Futurist and designer

Louise has explored trends, mapped scenarios and developed visions of tomorrow’s people at Kjaer Global since 2006. She holds a Masters in product design from Royal College of Art and her design career has given first-hand insight into Asian markets, expertise in creating human stories on new product lines and practical skills in building marketing around understanding people’s needs. in addition, Louise has first hand experience in working with film, media and the broadcasting industries.

Timo Mashiyi-Veikkola

Timo is an Amsterdam-based cultural anthropologist. His extensive experience of both the design and strategy innovation processes is culled from a professional background with global organisations such as Nokia and Dell. Having previously collaborated on several successful projects with Kjaer Global, he joined the team in 2015. Timo is an inspiring facilitator and speaker who delivers insights into trend analysis and people-focused solutions drawing on sociology, impact translation and ethnography

The Trend Management Toolkit: A Practical Guide to the Future

In a fast moving world, businesses need to keep up with data analysis and pattern spotting to identify future opportunities. Anne Lise Kjaer presents a unique methodology for global trend spotting along with practical tools and approaches.

The toolkit includes features such as ‘How to create your own Trend Atlas’ and ‘How to Use Trends in Action’, alongside case studies and profiles of previous research projects for major organizations.

Anne Lise  encourages readers to become leaders rather than followers, by developing a ‘future-orientated mindset’ to interpret contradictive influences and identify trends as they emerge.

“Trends on their own tell a small part of the story. Using techniques from The Trend Management Toolkit, business leaders can apply a systemic approach to understanding how to visualize the future.”

R “Ray” Wang, Founder, Constellation Research Inc.; author of Disrupting Digital Business

The Trend Management Toolkit offers a rare combination of sharp insights, sound methodology, and effective tools. It will be of great help to companies when it comes to navigating the complexity of the future.”

Fernando Gutiérrez, Director and Advisor to the Chairman and CEO, BBVA

“The ability to paint a holistic picture of the future is an important component of innovation architecture. The Trend Management Toolkit provides a valuable method to map the future and contribute directly to the innovation process.”

Neetan Chopra, Senior Vice President, IT Strategy, Emirates Group

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