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Trend Management Foundation

The THINK, WORK and PLAY modules together, form the Kjaer Academy foundation course in trend management.

The THINK module will guide you through the mindset and habits that makes a futurist. We will set you on your path to become a futurist and give you the tools to plot out your own journey. What you learn will be useful whether you look to develop as an individual or as a business

The WORK module takes you through the work of a futurist. What are the foundational tools, the methodology and the types of future thinkers in the trade. Why do we need to think about the future, now more than ever? Can what we know about the past, help us understand the future?

What are trends and how do I apply them? PLAY is where we begin to get practical with the tools of Kjaer Global’s Trend Management system. Hands-on learning for anyone who wants to learn the art of trend management. how do you spot a trend and apply your insoght  to plan the future.

What you’ll get with all of our courses

What you will learn

You will get the essential trend management s
kills, tools and confidence to create a strategic future outlook for your organisation based on real insights. At the end of each module you will be equipped to work with your toolkit and have a clear understanding of the underlying principles. You will be able to refine and build on your experience with our online resources.

Tools and processes can be utilised across sectors
and build bridges to connect the strategic and creative processes. Trend management is deployable in everything from business development and brand building to product, service and innovation processes for marketing, product development, design as well as for Human Resource evaluations and employer branding.


  • Refine and map the impact of trends on a specific industry or sector highlighting opportunities and challenges in a particular and targeted frame.

  • Gain in-depth understanding tomorrow’s audiences to build lasting value for customers and relationships based on real insight.

  • Test concepts and create ideation sessions around fact-based scenarios, narrating how the future could unfold.

24/7 online resources

Bite-sized videos

Downloadable toolkit

Ideas exchange

Futurist feedback

Tangible insights

Upcoming courses 2021

How to make sense of trends. Hands-on learning for anyone who wants to learn the art of trend managment and application to plan the future.

We can all be active change makers. Learn how to work with the 4P business model in your organisation to balance people, planet and purpose with profit.

Explore the process of storytelling the future. Designed to bring trends to life, this immersive course teaches you the skill of scenarios planning.

What do tomorrow’s people want? Learn how to use personas and trends to design relevant concepts that will meet people’s real needs and demands.

The Trend Management Toolkit: A Practical Guide to the Future

In a fast moving world, businesses need to keep up with data analysis and pattern spotting to identify future opportunities. Anne Lise Kjaer presents a unique methodology for global trend spotting along with practical tools and approaches.

The toolkit includes features such as ‘How to create your own Trend Atlas’ and ‘How to Use Trends in Action’, alongside case studies and profiles of previous research projects for major organizations.

Anne Lise  encourages readers to become leaders rather than followers, by developing a ‘future-orientated mindset’ to interpret contradictive influences and identify trends as they emerge.

“Anne Lise Kjaer is an outstanding futurist, visionary and speaker. If you’re looking for an energy boost of the future she is perfect for the job”

Martin Lindstrom, author Small Data; TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People

“Our success relies on adapting to the future faster than our competitors. Kjaer’s toolkit is an invaluable resource to think deeply about that future”

Sir Ian Cheshire, former group CEO, Kingfisher plc

“Using The Trend Management Toolkit, business leaders can apply a systemic approach to understanding how to visualize the future”

R "Ray" Wang, founder, Constellation Research Inc.; author of Disrupting Digital Business, Harvard Business Publishing

“Kjaer's book is a great practical guide to understanding these trends and building a strategy to respond to them”

Mike Barry, director Plan A, Marks & Spencer

“Kjaer Global offers a new and multidimensional set of tools to navigate in the 21st century”

Lars Engman, former design director, IKEA

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