The THINK, WORK and PLAY modules, together form the Kjaer Academy online foundation course in trend management. In the THINK module we introduce you to the mindset of futurists, and start you on a path to become a futurist yourself, finding your own specific element.




In this module, we will take you through the mindset and habits that make a futurist. You will learn why it is important to take time out to think and why lifelong learning is essential for everyone who wants to thrive in the future.

Learn how to adapt your thinking to tune into change and identify the patterns that will allow you to see the big picture as well as the opportunities and challenges ahead. What you learn will be useful whether you look to develop as an individual or as a business.

This module is structured to suit self-study at your own pace. You can connect with fellow students and book a consultation with a futurist. The course consists of inspiring videos, podcasts, written lectures and exercises.


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