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Using the Trend Compass

This book presents Kjaer Global’s tried and tested methodology for analysing trends. Anne Lise Kjaer provides a set of practical tools for managers and organisations, along with data, insights and case studies. It is both timely and topical, encapsulating a huge current media and industry interest in trend spotting, scenario planning and disruptive innovation.

The toolkit includes features such as ‘How to create your own Trend Atlas’ and ‘How to Use Trends in Action’, alongside scenarios and profiles of previous research projects for major organisations. Kjaer encourages readers to become market leaders rather than followers, by developing a ‘future-orientated mindset’ to interpret contradictory influences, identify trends as they emerge and capitalise on product and service opportunities.

This ground-breaking step-by-step guide will help organisations to prepare for the future and implement effective and visionary strategies for leadership and innovation, in response to changing market needs and consumer demands.

About the Author

Anne Lise Kjaer is a renowned futurist and speaker. As founder of trend management consultancy Kjaer Global, she advises leading brands, including Accenture, BBVA, BMW, DELL, EY, Herman Miller, IKEA, M&S, Nokia, O2, P&G, PwC, Sony, Unilever, Virgin Media, Toyota and McKinsey. Kjaer’s design background provides a unique perspective on trends and she has delivered talks, workshops and seminars to over 30,000 people across the world. Her expert views on tomorrow’s people and organisations are in demand at major events, such as TEDx, The Economist and European Union conferences and at top business schools and universities.

Kjaer regularly features in the media, including the Guardian, The Independent, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, El Pais, Elle, Fast Company, The Times and Politikken. She has featured in various TV documentaries and Shaping Ideas 2020+ for Ericsson had close to 100,000 views on YouTube. Born in Denmark and now a Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador, she is an expert in Nordic culture and has contributed to several books on the future. Currently, she writes regular opinion pieces in SME Magazine and The Marketer. A Financial Times profile said of Kjaer: ‘Her unique world vision is as fertile as Dali’s only she creates social prototypes…based on nascent trends.’

Using the Trend Compass

Trend Mapping

The future is shaped by our choices and actions – meaning that we are all active change makers.

Scenario Planning

The future is shaped by our choices and actions – meaning that we are all active change makers.

Persona Creation

The future is shaped by our choices and actions – meaning that we are all active change makers.

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