It is no surprise that people are different when it comes to thinking and learning. Take this quiz to find out more about your own thinking style, and preferences for learning before starting the Kjaer Academy.


Kjaer Academy learning style test

Understand your learning preference
When we learn, we use different thinking styles in various situations. Some come more naturally to us than others. Our preferred learning style is always related to how our brain process information and then make sense of it.

Benefits of knowing your learning style

Individuals: Knowing your natural learning preferences helps you feel inspired and engaged, also guiding you to more productive ways of working that leave you energised.

Teams: Understanding the dynamic of your team will enable you to design the very best environment for learning, so that everyone plays to their strengths. Bear in mind that we feel inspired and learn new things in a diverse setting, so it’s a positive to have a mix of learning styles in your group.

Let’s get started!

Everyone uses different thinking styles at various times and there are no right or wrong answers – so just pick the answer that first comes to mind when reading through the options. The quiz outcome reflects your most natural thinking style/s and preferences for learning.


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Thinking consciously about how you style yourself as a learner is one step toward alighting the sense of curiosity, so essential to a futurist.

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